There are quite a few article spinners on the market today and if you search for one online you will be inundated with options, but what is the difference between all of the different options for sentence rephrases?

In this article we will compare two different spinners, Article Builder vs Article Forge. We will compare features, pricing, and quality.

What is an article spinner or rephraser?

An article spinner can work in many ways. The main input is a current blog article which is then run through an algorithm in order to output an entirely unique and new piece of content. Some Article Spinners such as ours at GlideSEM can add new information and facts to the new spun article.

How do the features of Article Forge and Article Builder compare?

Article Forge and Article Builder differ in a few key ways. Firstly Article Forge is better known for their AI article writer. Article Forge takes articles from around the web and gathers different facts in order to generate a totally unique article for you. Article Builder on the other hand is a bit different as it spins the article in order to rephrase it to be completely unique, but with the same meaning.

What is the pricing for Article Forge and Article Builder?

Article Forge Pricing

Article Forge pricing starts at $27 per month for 250k words per month or $57 per month for unlimited words.

Article Builder Pricing

Article Builder is $127 per year and they also offer an API for developers.

How does output quality compare?

Output quality differs greatly between these two products. Article Forge definitely has higher quality output by bringing in more unique facts when generating an article.


If you are tight on price then we recommend Article Builder for a good classic spinner. If your budget allow we recommend Article Forge. You may also want to consider GlideSEM for you article rewriting needs. Our AI is trained on billions of web pages and has memorized facts from around the web. We include a lot of new information in articles when we spin them. You can sign up below to be notified when we launch.