Jasper ai originally called conversion ai or jarvis ai was one of the first ai copywriting tools on the market. Jasper introduced Boss Mode in order to attract more power users and users who needed a more powerful copywriting assistant.

Boss mode adds a few nice to haves on top of the main Jarvis product.

  • further look back - the original Jarvis copywriting product only looks back ~ 100 words when generating text while the Jarvis Boss Mode additionally looks back ~ 400 words.

  • Jasper commands unlocks more power by giving the user more control over the output of Jasper. As an example you could say “write an introduction to this blog post”

Boss mode pricing

Jasper Boss Mode pricing starts at $59 per month and goes up based off the number of words you need per month.

Jasper is one of the most expensive ai copywriting assistants on the market. At GlideSEM we offer similar features for an affordable price. You can sign up below to our email list to be notified when we launch.

Jasper copywriting review

Jasper works well for copywriting and has a lot of advanced features particularly in boss mode, but is lacking in the affordability area. Jarvis is one of the most expensive options for an ai copywriter and with many similar options on the market including Our own ai copywriter at GlideSEM it just doesn’t seem worth the price. You can sign up to our email list below to be notified when we launch.

Alternatives to Jasper ai

There are many alternatives to Jasper ai. We have written reviews for a lot of other ai writing assistants as well. You can read a comparison of Copysmith vs Jasper or you can read our full review of Copysmith.

We are also working hard on our ai copywriting assistant here at GlideSEM and you can join our email list below to be notified when we launch.