There are a lot of article spinners on the market today. When you search for content spinners on google you will receive tons of results. We intend to compare three different content spinners in this article including WordAI, Wordtune, and Quillbot.

What is an article spinner?

An article spinner is a tool which can change the order, structure, and words in a piece of written content without changing the meaning. Article Spinners can be used to rank new content on Google using older content that may already be indexed by Google.

Quillbot vs Wordtune

What are the differences between Quillbot and Wordtune?

Quillbot and Wordtune both work to rewrite sentences or spin articles. The underlying techniques used differ a bit but both use advanced NLP techniques for rewording.

How does the quality of output compare?

We have run many tests in order to compare Wordtune vs Quillbot. In our tests we have found both work fairly well for sentence rewriting. Both also passed our plagiarism tests. This makes sense because Wordtune and Quillbot use similar techniques under the hood.

How does pricing compare?

Wordtune’s pricing starts at $10 per month. Wordtune also offers an enterprise plan for those needing to pay as company for multiple users. Quillbot starts at $15 billed monthly or $80 billed yearly.

The Verdict

Since both have similar outputs we recommend choosing between these two based off of the pricing. Wordtune is a bit cheaper if paying monthly but Quillbot is even more affordable if paying yearly.

WordAI vs Wordtune

What are the differences between WordAI and Wordtune?

Wordtune and WordAI both use advanced NLP techniques to rewrite sentences. The underlying techniques may differ a bit though.

How does the quality of output compare?

The output quality between Wordtune and WordAI is very similar. We tested a few different inputs in each and we’re happy with the results from both. Both outputs also passed plagiarism tests.

How does pricing compare?

Wordtune is $10 per month.

WordAI is $57 per month or $27 per month if billed yearly. Both plans come with API access.

The Verdict

WordAI is the most expensive on this list, but the output quality is very high and they do offer API access.

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