There are plentiful article and marketing copy generators on the market. Every ai writing assistant has its positives and negatives and in this article we will go over Writesonic’s pros and cons.

Writesonic is an ai writing assistant. The tool can generate text ranging from marketing copy to blog posts to ads. The tool is best used to help generate ideas or to fix writers block.

This article includes the following information about writesonic:

⁃ Writesonic Pricing and Plans ⁃ Writesonic Features ⁃ What do Reddit users say about Writesonic? ⁃ Writesonic Quality vs competitors ⁃ The verdict

Writesonic features

Grammar Check

Writesonic Grammar Check feature implements an intermediate understanding and evaluation of the grammar in your writing. The Grammar check is kind of like a simplified Grammarly.

Plagiarism Check

Writesonic ensures the writing it generates is unique by implementing a plagiarism check into all it’s products.

Tone Check

Writesonic can write in different tone styles and also tells you what tones the writing is in.

Sentence Formatting

Style Editor

Writesonic includes a writing style editor for different font sizes and styles.

Citation Finder

Writesonic can find citations for your writing. It is great practice to always cite sources for your writing.

Idea Recommendation

This feature generates ideas for various copy needs. There are many templates to choose from. The main templates that most users are interested in are generating ad and sales copy, but the blog post writing assistant is lacking in features for content marketers.

Content Generation

We have talked extensively about this in the article, but content generation is done through GPT-3 and works similarly to other GPT-3 ai writing assistants.

Writesonic Pricing and Plans

Writesonic offers four different plans depending on a customers needs and use cases. The plans differ in features offered as well as number of credits included.

Free Plan

The free plan offered by Writesonic allows users to try before they buy. This plan is helpful in previewing the features before buying a full plan. With this plan users gain access to the following features:

⁃ Growth and Startup Ideas ⁃ Landing pages ⁃ YouTube title generator ⁃ Listicle idea generator

Users of the free plan also receive 10 credits to apply towards premium content generation such as product descriptions, blog posts, etc. These premium features cost varying amount of credits based on the word length generated.

Starter Plan

The Starter Plan costs $25 per month. The plan includes 50 credits which allows users to generate around 4 - 5 blog posts per month as an example.

Professional Plan

The Professional Plan costs $89 per month. This plan comes with unlimited credits for the majority of templates.

100 credits are given for advanced templates. Advanced templates include blog ideas, blog intros, blog outlines, and the ai article writer.

Priority support is included with the Professional Plan as well.

Business Plan

For $449 per month on the business plan customers can generate around 100 articles per month with the 1000 credits included for advanced templates.

Writesonic Reddit

There are quite a few people talking about and leaving feedback for Writesonic on Reddit.

The user ImminentDormant says that Writesonic as well as other ai writing assistants are wonderful as tool for combatting writers block, but don’t necessarily produce the best content as is.

Another user mentions that these tools can’t replace writers due to the use of copyrighted written content used in the training of these deep neural networks. Writesonic and many other ai writing assistants use GPT3 or similar large transformer networks under the hood. While there is an ongoing debate of whether using copyrighted works to train these types of models should be legal it currently is legal in the US and has not been challenged in higher courts. The generated copy however is unique and at least on GlideSEM passes plagiarism checks like copyscape.

Overall Reddit users seem to recommend ai writing assistants for writers block and idea generation.

Writesonic quality vs competitors

Writesonic’s quality is decent for most features and templates. We tested a few templates and they all seem come up with decent ideas for writing. The tone checks and plagiarism checks are an added bonus when using Writesonic’s content generation features. At GlideSEM we use OpenAIs powerful GPT3 for text generation. Writesonic also uses GPT3 but lacks the keyword analysis features that we offer.

The verdict

Overall Writesonic is a great tool for generating ad and sales copy, but is lacking in features for generating blog content. At GlideSEM we have built our tool first and foremost for content marketers. Our advanced content editors helps you and our text generation model stay on track including the correct keywords and keyword frequency in order to rank highly in google serps.