GlideSEM’s AI Novel Writing Software can help any writer finish their book in record time. Our AI book writer can smash through any writers block and can write 500 words in seconds with the click of a button.

How to use GlideSEM’s story writing AI in 2 steps

  1. Enter a minimum of 200 words to start with in our story editor
  2. Click generate and our AI will write up to 500 more words in a few seconds

How does our AI Book Writing Software work?

GlideSEM’s ai story writer is trained on tens of thousands of books and millions of web pages. It can competently write about any topic and in any genre, only needing a couple hundred words to gain context.

Will the software stick to my plot?

Our AI Book Writer will sometimes stick to your plot be using the context from the last few hundred words from your story. The memory of the AI cannot include the entirety of your book so due to this we cannot guarantee that every time you click generate it will stick exactly to the plot you have planned. The AI is best used to get unstuck out of writers block. The AI is also best used when a writer guides the AI where to go and edits the story that’s generated as needed.