GlideSEM’s Song Writing Generator can intelligently write lyrics for any type of song. To create a song with our generator you can either start with a title or some prewritten verses where our AI can start writing from. The lyric generator will then continue and write the lyrics.

Generate lyrics in 3 easy steps

  1. Add a title - you can optionally add a title to base your lyrics off of
  2. Add some starting lyrics - you may also optionally choose to provide starting lyrics for your song
  3. Click generate and viola you will have a full song

Will the AI Song Writer generate perfect ready to sing lyrics?

Sometimes but often times you must then edit the lyrics. Our AI generator is best used by a song writer who can add to and edit the lyrics that are generated.

Can the AI rhyme?

Yes and no. There is a lot more to rhyming in modern music than just how the words are read. Our lyric generator is pretty good and consistent at rhyming the way words are read, but has not yet learned how words are rhymes when they are sung.