Coming up with compelling Ad copy for your Facebook ads can be challenging. GlideSEM can generate dozens of Facebook Ad copy ideas in a few seconds.

You will get different results everytime you click the "Generate" button. If you don't like the first results you get try generating again by clicking the button. Or you can try generating with a slightly different inputs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Facebook Ad Generator work?

GlideSEM’s Facebook Ad Generator used advanced state of the art language models which understand language that is used in Facebook ads. The language models are trained on a corpus of ads and text from around the web. Chances are our models have already read about your company or product.

Why is it important to get the copy right on Facebook Ads?

When you are running Facebook ads it’s extremely important to get the Ad right. If your copy isn’t convincing enough or descriptive enough you could be wasting money running Facebook ads. The copy you use in your Facebook ads can improve CTR by first grabbing the users attention in their feed and then convincing them to click through and buy or learn more.

Are Facebook ads and Google ads the same?

No. When people view your ad on Google they are actively trying to find your product or one like it. On Facebook your customers still want your product and might be looking for it, but they will see your ad on their news feed. Most people are just casually browsing when looking at the news feed so your ad not only needs to grab your customers attention, but also needs to educate them enough on the product so the want to click through and take action.