This GlideSEM tool can generate product descriptions for any kind of product on any store including for Shopify stores. GlideSEM is a great online product description app that can generate descriptions for any type of product. The product descriptions can be used on any site including Shopify, Aliexpress, Amazon, or WooCommerce. Using our product description template you can provide a few inputs and instantly generate a description.

Generate Product Descriptions in 4 easy steps

  1. Enter a product title - Start by entering the name of the product you want to generate a description for.
  2. Enter categories - Input any categories that the product belongs to as an example t shirt may have the clothing category as well as the graphic category.
  3. Enter a brief concept - Provide a brief description of what the product does or includes.
  4. Click submit and you have a new product description to use

Product description example

An example of a really great product description that is descriptive and persuasive is this description from Butter Chicken Keto Bone Broth on Kettle and Fire.

Grass-fed butter melts into golden bone broth, accented with aromatic herbs, mild peppers, and full-bodied tomato puree for a velvety-smooth finish.

T-Shirt Description Generator or General Clothing Description Generator

Our tool for generating product descriptions also works really well for generating descriptions for t-shirts or other types of clothing. The t shirt description generator works the same as generation general product descriptions. All you need to start with a t shirt title, categories, and a brief concept description. The same goes for clothing description generation.