Good website copywriting can increase conversions and boost rankings. In this article we will go over some tips to achieve good SEO copywriting.

What is website copywriting?

Website copywriting is the planning and execution of any writing that appears on your site. Website copywriting is extremely important for your rankings and how well your content performs.

What makes for Bad copywriting?

Bad copywriting can negatively effect you contents performance on your website. It can lower the ranking of your sites content in search engines and also lower your conversion rate from visitor to customer.

Bad copywriting can include writing which has incorrect or awkward grammar, incorrect spellings, or lacks an understanding of the topics being written about. Bad copywriting also includes content that is poorly researched.

What is SEO Website Copywriting?

SEO web copywriting is writing content content for your website with keywords and search engines in mind.

How do you learn copywriting?

Copywriting can be somewhat challenging to learn , but native speakers will find they are already mostly there.

Language Understanding

Understanding the language you are writing is the first step to becoming an expert in copywriting. If you lack an understanding in grammar or the language your writing in you should use a tool like GlideSEM’s AI Content Editor which can correct simple grammar mistakes. You can also take a course at a local college in the language you want to write in.


A great website copywriter should be able to carry research for content and keywords. Unless you are an expert in every subject you will have to write about, every copywriter needs to do research for their content.

If you are writing with the intention of ranking on search engines you also need to be able to research keywords.


Proofreading is an important skill when writing anything and especially when writing for your blog where thousands of people might read what you have written. With proofreading you can check for grammatical and spelling mistakes as well as poor sentence structure. As you find issues you should fix them.

Emphasizing with and understanding your audience

It is very important to understand your audience. When you start writing something you should first identify who audience is and why they would want to read your writing. If they are reading to learn something then you should make sure your writing answers those questions and teaches what it needs to.

Top Web Copywriting Practices

There are quite a few practices to stick to and keep top of mind when copywriting for a website.

Keep search engines in mind

You should always keep search engines in mind. Start by identifying a few keywords you want to rank for with a particular post or page. Then make sure your writing answers those queries users will be searching to find your site.

Create an outline

Always start with an outline. A great blog post outline will help your writing stay on track and improve the structure or your post or page.

Use convincing language that is persuasive

When you are trying to sell your product you should use the most persuasive language you can come up with. You should also encourage teach people why they need your product and talk about the benefits not the features.

Focus on benefits not features

As we alluded to in the last section you should also sell your product by mentioning benefits not features. Your customers want to know what problems your product will solve.


Revising is an important step when writing any piece of content. Revising goes hand in hand with proofreading you should always go back and reread what you have written and change things that need fixed. You may need to fix simple grammatical mistakes or even entire paragraph structures.

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