Instagram caption that are persuasive can increase your brands conversion rates. Here are a few tips that can help you writing convincing Instagram captions.

Make your captions concise and put important information first

When you’re writing your caption make short to keep them short and concise. On Instagram you only have a few words to convince your customer to follow and take action.

Even if your post is a little lengthier make sure to front load important information first. Let your followers know what your post is about whether it’s a sale or new product.

Use a consistent brand voice

When you are creating your brand you should decide what kind of voice you want your brand to have. On social media, in your ads, or any other content use a consistent voice. Your brands voice should follow your brands ideals and audience.

Every time you post a piece of content you are speaking to your potential and current customers. If you are a surf shop in Southern California then your brand’s voice should reflect that.

Include calls to action

Every time you post something you should always include a call to action. If you mention a sale in your post maybe provide a discount code and tell your customers where to find the sale.

Mention other brands and influencers and use hashtags

If there is a current event that your brand can tag along with then you should use those relevant hashtags in your posts. Using relevant hashtags and @ mentioning other users can expand your reach.

Use emojis wisely

Emojis can enhance your captions and help grab the attention from a users feed to your post. Too many emojis can make your captions look cheap and unappealing though so use them sparingly.

A few emojis used in your captions can add personality and break up a long part of your text.

Do avoid using random emojis. These can be confusing and distracting to your followers. Choose emojis that are appropriate for your brand and the post you are making.

Consider emojis to be another form of punctuation like exclamation points. Emojis can add more meaning and emotion to your posts.

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