Many people are writers and content creators by nature. With this natural inclination to write and create comes the incessant scuffle to produce the highest quality of content possible.

If you're a content creator or writer of any kind, you may be on the hunt for help when it comes to getting out of those pesky writing slumps. Luckily, there is a myriad of artificial intelligence tools that can help you to write better content in the long run, one of them being Shortly AI.

Hopefully, this shortly ai review can be of great use to you when you are determining what the best tools are to improve your writing content in the future.


Shortly AI is an artificial intelligence writing tool that can help writers improve their writing. Using avant-garde artificial intelligence technology, Shortly AI acts as a writing partner for when writer's block keeps you from producing the best content possible.

"Turn your thoughts into fully-fleshed prose."

Shortly AI is essentially a content generator that is the perfect writing partner for writers who may feel stumped quite frequently during the writing process.


Shortly AI is meant for writers and content creators of all kinds. It is ideal for writers who may create content in many areas such as:

  • Blog content
  • Article content
  • Social media posts
  • Emails
  • Novels and other books
  • Short stories
  • Marketing content
  • Product review content
  • Landing pages
  • Review content
  • Copywriting content
  • Sales copy content

Shortly AI can act as an assistant to almost any type of writing that a customer may be required to write.


Shortly AI works by using the newest, most innovative technology to help writers and content creators write in an equally innovative and efficient way. Rather than you focusing on the tediousness of formatting during the writing process, Shortly AI handles the bulk of your writing's formatting for you as you write.

Shortly AI emphasizes the content that you want to write by predicting your next words and sentences so that it can write for you. Because of Shortly AI's advanced technology, you are able to filter, emphasize, and "hide" what you want your AI to write for you.

Shortly AI's Three Powerful Writing Commands:

  1. Expand
  2. Rewrite
  3. Shorten

Shortly AI's main intention is to be a useful tool and to help writers improve their content without working as hard to do so. When you use certain Shortly AI functions, you are able to expand, rewrite, and shorten your ideas and thoughts and clear and concise sentences and paragraphs.

Shortly AI Features

Shortly AI has many features that are accessible to writers in order to make to best experience using an artificial intelligence writing partner.

  • The interface: This "main page: acts as a blank canvas as it is a large, vacant writing space for writers. Similar to a Word Document, the interface features a sidebar with a wide range of tools that you can use while you write. The sidebar also includes a background info box and an article brief box. Whether you choose to use the background information box or the article brief box while you write depends on if the content you are writing is fictional or non-fictional content.

  • GPT-3: One of the world's most notable artificial intelligence language models, Open AI's GPT-3, is at the forefront of what makes Shortly AI's unique and advanced approach to writing work. GPT-3 technology is programmed with almost half a trillion words so that it can write in the most natural, human-like manner. GPT-3 technology's job is to predict what you are a writer may be trying to convey within your writing.

  • Writing commands: Shortly AI features a myriad of writing commands that help you gain finer control of your writing. Many of these commands can also highlight certain words in your writing that you want your AI to use, to not use, to use more frequently, or to use less frequently.

Shortly AI Writing commands:

  • "Write for me": In order for you to get your AI to write for you, simply click the "Write for me" button. Another way you can get your AI to write for you is by using the shortcut "⌘/CTRL + Enter".

The "Write for me" function in Shortly AI is able to predict your next words and sentences due to the GPT-3 technology. This is especially helpful when you may be struggling with writers' block or when you are simply at a loss for words during the writing process.

  • Slash "///" commands: The "///" command is helpful when you want to refine your control over what your AI sees as you write. When you add three forward slashes, ("///"), this hides everything above the three slashes that you may have previously written.

This slash command can be advantageous when you may be working on a section of your writing that focuses on a different topic than the rest of your writing may be focusing on so that your AI can write in the most accurate manner achievable.

  • Levels of control:
  • "++": Using the **"++"**command allows the AI technology to be slightly more likely to use a certain word in your writing.
  • "+++": Using the "+++" command allows the AI technology to be a lot more likes to use a certain word in your writing.
  • "--": Using the "--" command allows the AI technology to be slightly less likely to use a certain word in your writing.
  • "---": Using the "---" command allows the AI technology to be a lot less likely to use a certain word in your writing.
  • How To's: The Shortly AI site offers several video tutorials created by The AI Content Dojo. These videos tutorials cover a multitude of ways that writers can improve their writing and the quality of their content.


Is shortlyai free?

A subscription to Shortly AI is, unfortunately, not free. In fact, the only two prices that Shortly AI offers for its subscription plans both err on the steeper side.

Shortly AI Plan Options & Prices:

Monthly Plan

  • $79 per month
  • Customers are billed on a monthly basis
  • Customers are able to cancel this plan at any time

Annual Plan

  • $65 per month
  • Free trial for the first 2 months
  • Customers are billed on an annual basis
  • Customers are able to cancel this plan at any time

ShortlyAI's prices are quite expensive for those just getting started with incorporating an ai writing assistant in their workflow. At GlideSEM we will be launching with a $10 per month plan in order to help more companies get started using ai writing technology.

Shortly AI Alternatives

Of course, when debating whether or not you should select certain tools to help you make your content better, you have most likely asked yourself, "Are there any shortlyai alternatives?"

Well, there are actually a plethora of AI writing assistance tools that work similarly to Shortly AI.

AI Writing Assistance Tools That Are Similar To Shortly AI:

Novel AI:

  • Like Shortly AI, Novel AI is powered by GPT technology
  • Offers customers with a monthly subscription plan
  • Novel AI operates by using a tier system
  • $10 allows writers a 1000 maximum priority action count per week

Copy AI:

  • Copy AI is an advanced technology-driven copywriting tool for writers
  • Copy AI is most ideal for helping writers write top-quality articles
  • Monthly Plan is $35; billed on a monthly basis and the Annual Plan is $49; billed on a monthly basis


  • HyperWrite is an advanced writing assistant to writers that aims to help writers write creatively in a timely manner
  • Like Shortly AI, HyperWrite is powered by GPT-3 technology
  • HyperWrite is free for writers and content creators of all kinds to get started on using


  • An AI tool that serves as a copywriting and marketing content companion to writers and content creators
  • Offers customers with four differentiating subscription plans. The Starter Plan is $19 per month, the Professional Plan is $59 per month, the Team Plan is $118 per month, and the Enterprise Plan can be Customized pricing per writer or writing content.

Shortly AI Pros & Cons


  • Beginner-friendly: Because the functionality of Shortly AI is so easy to navigate, users who are new to AI technology won't have a very difficult time using Shortly AI.
  • Can be used to write on a wide range of subjects: Whether you're a novelist, a blog post author, or a product reviewer, you can easily write your content using a Shortly AI writing assistant.
  • Free trial: It is understandable that some may want to test a product or service before fully committing to it, especially if that product or service requires payment. That's why Shortly AI offers a free monthly trial for two months following the sign-up process.
  • Unlimited writing (per monthly/annual plan): No matter the kind of writing or content that you create, you are able to write without a limit every month/year using Shortly AI.


  • No live customer support or service: There are sometimes instances when certain sites, apps, and functions are confusing or simply don't work properly. This often requires direct, on-the-spot virtual assistance. Unfortunately, Shortly AI does not offer any sort of live support services for these circumstances.
  • Does not offer services in multiple languages: Shortly AI may not make the best content writing assistant for those who primarily speak any language other than English. Shortly AI's system currently only works with content that is in the English language.

Shortly AI Reviews

Overall, most customers seemingly enjoy using Shortly AI for all of their writing woes.

Many of the shortlyai Reddit reviews sing many praises of positive experiences. Many other reviews available on online forums also speak of pleasant experiences using Shortly AI to help expand their content-creating abilities.

Many well-known companies and brands like The Independent also speak positively about Shortly AI and of how it is of great use when it comes to creating quality content.

Companies That Use And/Or Have Given Shortly AI Positive Reviews

  • NBC News
  • The Telegraph
  • The Independent

All Shortly AI Output Is Completely Original

The AI output that is generated while using Shortly AI is uniquely original. Because of the way that the GPT-3 content is programmed, all AI output produced while using Shortly AI also successfully passes any and all plagiarism checkers.

Unlimited Writing Monthly Plan

The amount of writing you are able to do on a monthly basis with the Shortly AI Monthly Plan is unlimited. However, there is a daily writing limit that should not be exceeded in order to properly avoid bot abuse with AI technology.

Shortly AI Partnership

Shortly AI has recently been acquired by, which is a widely-known ai writing tool that generates a wide range of content. Like Shortly AI, helps writers to write clear, plagiarize free content in the quickest, most efficient way.

In conclusion, Shortly AI is a good ai writing assistant, but with a monthly plan starting at $79 it is quite expensive. Here at GlideSEM we will soon be launching our ai writing assistant which will start at $10 a month.