After the launch of GPT-3 there have been many ai writing assistants and copywriting tools released. Most use GPT-2 or GPT-3, but some use a custom trained model. In this article we will review and compare three different ai writing assistants, Writesonic vs Conversion AI or vs Shortly AI.

Conversion AI (Jarvis AI) vs Shortly AI

  1. Whats the difference between Shortly AI and Conversion AI?
  2. How does the functionality compare?
  3. The Verdict

Writesonic vs Conversion AI (Jarvis AI)

  1. What is the difference between Conversion AI and Writesonic?
  2. How does the functionality compare?
  3. The Verdict

Best Overall AI Writing Assistant for SEO

Conversion AI ( vs Shortly AI Differences

There are a few differences between Shortly AI and Conversion AI. For one Conversion AI has more features. Conversion AI or has a lot more templates to choose from as well as a tone selection feature for ad copy.

How does the functionality compare?

Shortly AI had similar relevence for the content generated, but Conversion AI seemed to have better overall output quality when compared to Shortly AI.

The verdict

Conversion AI had slightly better ouput, but this comes at a price. Conversion AI costs $29 per 20k words or $109 per month for unlimited words with an extra $40 / month / user while Shortlyai costs $40 for unlimited number of credits.

Writesonic vs ConversionAI ( Differences

There are a few differences between Conversion AI and Writesonic. One of the main differences is pace of development. Conversion AI recently bough Headlime and has been integrating many of Headlime's features. With that said Writesonic does currently compete very well in number of features offered. being venture backed also is looking for a quicker return and is therefore more expensive than most alternatives.

How does the functionality compare between Conversion AI and Writesonic?

Conversion AI once again still offers tone quality selection on top of describing what you need generated. This allows for a more precise writing style to be generated. The quality of output seems to be very similar since both are built with GPT-3 models. It is unclear which GPT model is used although it is quite obvious from the output it is a smaller one like curie or Babbage.

Conversion AI or Writesonic? The Verdict

Either of these two tools are a great choice and it really comes down to price. Conversion AI is $29 per 20k words generated while Writesonic is $40 per month for unlimited number of words. If you want unlimited words with or you must shell out $109 / month plus an extra $40 / month / user. If you are going to be using the tool very frequently Writesonic is the better choice price wise. Output quality wise both are very similar so in this case we would recommend Writesonic over or

Best Overall AI Writing Assistant for SEO

Any of these three are great choices for generating written content. All of them use GPT like technology and work very well. None of these are really the best for SEO content since they do not take keywords into consideration when generating blog content. For marketing content and ad copy any of these tools are great and we would recommend going with the one that best fits your budget needs. For SEO type content please take a look at GlideSEM our blog content ai writing assistant automatically helps you fill out the needed keywords and keyword density to rank better in Google search.