There are many content spinners available as API's or through web apps. There are two behemoths in the space. In this article we compare Spinbot vs Quillbot. First we provide a quick review of Spinbot and secondly we review Quillbot. At the end of this article we compare the two as well as recommending Spinbot and Quillbot alternatives.

Spinbot Review

  1. What is Spinbot and how does it work?
  2. Spinbot Features
  3. Spinbot Pricing
  4. Spinbot Pros and Cons

Qillbot Review

  1. What is Quillbot and how does it work?
  2. Quillbot Features
  3. Quillbot Summarizer
  4. Quillbot Paraphrase
  5. Quillbot Pricing
  6. Quillbot Pros and Cons

Quillbot vs Spinbot

  1. What are the differences between Spinbot and Quillbot?
  2. How does the quality of output compare?
  3. The Verdict

Spinbot Review

What is Spinbot and how does it work?

Spinbot is a content spinning web application. It works by reordering words and sentences as well as using synonyms.

Spinbot Features

  1. Article rewriter and content spinner
  2. Web-based application or an API

Spinbot Pricing

Spinbot has a somewhat generous free plan that just includes ads and a captcha. Spinbot's paid plan removes these ads and captcha for the cost of $75 per year. Spinbot also offers an API for developers.

Spinbot Pros and Cons


  • Web-based application and an API
  • Easy to use


  • Paid service ($75 per year)
  • Simplistic rewriting ( doesn’t add new content or facts)

Quillbot Review

What is Quillbot and how does it work?

Quillbot is a web application that can rewrite articles. Quillbot uses machine learning to rewrite sentences while retaining the original intent and meaning.

Quillbot Features

  • 15 sentences processed concurrently
  • 25k summarize character limit
  • 10k content paraphraser character limit
  • freeze words and phrases

Quillbot Summarizer

The Quillbot Summarizer feature can condense any text including article's and paper's down to a smaller size with the click of a button. Quillbot Summarizer has a 25 thousand character limit.

Quillbot Paraphrase

Quillbot's paraphrase feature takes in sentences as input and output those same sentences with the same meaning, but with different words and sentence structure. The paraphrase tool has a 10 thousand character limit.

Quillbot Pricing

Quillbot also offers a somewhat generous free plan that includes smaller character limits. Quillbot premium offers larger character limits at a price of $80 per year.

Quillbot Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Many advanced features


  • Paid Service ($80 yearly)
  • Simplistic rewriting ( doesn't add new information)
  • Free plan has character limit

Quillbot vs Spinbot

What are the differences between Quillbot and Spinbot?

Spinbot and Quillbot are both content spinners, but differ in a few important ways. Quillbot has many advanced features that Spinbot lacks including the ability summarize text or the ability to freeze words and phrases before being fed into the content spinner algorithm. Quillbot also has a worse free plan when compared to Spinbot as it's more limited. Quillbot's free plan limits the characters entered into the content spinner while Spinbot just makes you enter captchas and ads.

How does the quality of output compare?

Quillbots output quality is similar to Spinbots, but a bit higher quality and Quillbot has the added advantage of keyword freezing. Quality cannot be compared for the summary tool that Quillbot offers as Spinbot does not offer a summarizer tool.

The verdict

Both Quillbot and Spinbot offer great quality at an easy to digest cost. Quillbot's more advanced features may be enticing to some special use cases, but the cost is greater than Spinbot. At GlideSEM we are working on tools to help content marketers reach their SEO goals. Our tools include a content spinner that additionally adds more content and can even output new original information.