Email headlines are a very important way you can increase the engagement and CTR of your emails. Using GlideSEM’s AI Email Subject Line Generator you can generate dozens of ideas for your headlines with the click of a button. We will go over the steps it takes to generate subject lines with GlideSEM and also teach the importance of a good subject line.

Generating Email Headlines in

  1. Select a tone - by choosing a tone you can tell the automatic subject line tool what style you want your headline to be in from professional to a more casual tone
  2. Add keywords - include a few keywords you want included in your subject line
  3. Add a description - provide a description of what information is included in your email body
  4. Click submit and you will instantly see a dozen potential ideas for subject lines

What makes for a great email headline?

There are a few attributes that every great subject line has. One goal is to grab the readers attention. An email subject line should grab the readers attention and make them want to read more. A great headline should also include enough information about the email so readers know what they are opening and will read.

Why is the subject line so important?

The subject line can be the difference between an email left to rot and a an email that is opened and read all the way through. A great subject line can increase email open rates. The headline of incorrectly written can also send your email to spam.