The ad description for Google Ads is extremely important to get right. GlideSEM’s Google Ad Description Generator can generate a dozen possible ideas for a description with the click of a button. We will teach you how to use GlideSEM’s Google Ad Generator and show the importance of writing a great ad description for your Google ads.

Generate Google Ad Descriptions in

  1. Add keywords - add any keywords relevant for your product you are advertising including those you will be targeting with your ad.
  2. Add a description - add a description of the product you are creating the ad to promote
  3. Click submit and you will instantly have a dozen different description ideas for your ad

The importance of writing a great description for your Google ads

Writing the perfect description for the Google ads you run is very important for a few reasons. One reason the Google Ad description is important is because it’s one of the only spots you have to generate enough interest for your product that customers click on your ad. The ad description can make or break your click through rate. It’s also important to use the ad description as a way to teach your users enough about your product that they want to click to learn more.

What makes for a good Google Ad Description?

There are a few things that will make your Google Ad Description stand out. One thing to remember is that description can be longer than the headline so you should make sure to use those extra words. The description should also always relate the keywords your targeting back to your product. If your ad has a bad CTR or doesn’t relate to the keywords Google may take down your ads.