Ads on Instagram like other social networks are very visual, but the copy on your ad is still very important. GlideSEM’s AI Instagram Ad Copy Generator can instantly generate a dozen ideas for copy to use with your Instagram Ad.

Generate Instagram Ad Copy in 4 easy steps

  1. Add brand info - input your info using brand info that is saved and attached to your GlideSEM account or create a new brand
  2. Add product title - add the name product or just renter the name of your brand
  3. Add product description - add a short description of your product
  4. *Click generate and instantly receive back a dozen or so ideas for ads

How important is Instagram Ad copy?

The text you include with your Instagram Ad is very important. While Instagram ads are visual and include an image, video, or slideshow, the text on your ad is just as important. The visual part of your Instagram Ad will grab your customers attention to your ad, but the text will entice users to click in order to buy or learn more about your product.