GlideSEM’s AI LinkedIn Ad Generator will help your create tons of ideas for LinkedIn ads with the click of a button. LinkedIn ads can be challenging to get right and come up with. Our LinkedIn ad copy generator writes convincing persuasive copy to grab your users attention with every ad you create. We will go over the steps you can take to start generating your own LinkedIn ads as well as a few frequently asked questions about our LinkedIn Ad Copy tool.

Generate Persuesive LinkedIn Ad Copy in

  1. Add brand details - input some brand details about your company
  2. Add product description - provide a brief description of your product
  3. Add product name - include the name of the product your ad is for which could also be your brand or company name
  4. *Click submit and instantly receive back a dozen possible Ads your could run for your product or business

How does the LinkedIn Ad Generator work?

The Ad Generator is built using an advanced NLP language model which is trained on a sizable portion of the internet in order to understand all types of language. GlideSEM’s LinkedIn Ad Generator is mostly likely already training to understand your product and business.

Why is it important to get the copy right on LinkedIn ads?

Getting the copy correct on any type of ad can be challenging, but having great copy is extremely important. Great copy can improve your ads performance and CTR by grabbing your customers attention and convincing them through persuasive writing to click on your ad to learn more or buy your product.

Is there a difference between LinkedIn ads and Facebook Ads?

Yes there is a large difference between Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads. Facebook is a consumer social network connecting friends and sometime colleagues and other associates. LinkedIn is mostly for professionals looking for work and connecting with other professionals and coworkers.