Text summarization is a task that should be left for computers. GlideSEM’s online AI Text Summarization Tool can be used to make text more compact and shorter while retaining the main ideas of the text. In this article we will show you the power of our text summarization tool and how it works.

Summarizing Text in 2 steps with GlideSEM

  1. Add input - enter the text you want to summarize
  2. Press submit and instantly receive back a more concise and compact summarization that retains the original meaning

How does GlideSEM’s online text summarization tool work?

Our automatic text summarization tool works by using a state of the art language model which has enough understanding of our language to accomplish many different tasks. The tool looks for the main ideas in the original text and shortens the original text, rewriting parts of it, in order to generate a summarization that is compact and concise.

What can text summarization be used for?

Automatic text summarization has many uses. One use for it is to generate summarizations for post excerpts on your blog. Just feed in part of your post and automatically receive a shortened summary or excerpt.

Another possible use case for text summarization is for use in social media. Blogs and news sites can generate summaries for their new articles and post them to social media with a link to the full article.