GlideSEM’s AI TikTok Ad Description Generator can help you instantly create a bunch of ideas for your TikTok ads in a few seconds. TikTok Ad descriptions can be challenging to come up with, but with GlideSEM’s ad generator it’s made easy. We will describe the few steps you can take to start creating TikTok ad descriptions with GlideSEM as well as some common pitfalls and questions.

Generate TikTok ad descriptions in

  1. Add brand details - enter some brand details either those already saved in your account or create new details
  2. Add product name - include your products name or just renter your brand name
  3. Add a description - create a short description of your video of your TikTok ad including details about your product too
  4. *Click submit and viola you will instantly have a dozen different ideas for your TikTok ad description

How important is the TikTok ad description?

The ad description section for TikTok ads is very important to get right. This portion of your ad can make or break your ads engagement. The CTA button and ad description if done well can provide a good increase to your ads CTR. Your ads video is also super important for grabbing your customers attention from their feed to your product.

What is the TikTok ad description?

The ad description goes at the bottom of your TikTok video ad. The description has a max of 100 Latin characters and 50 Asian characters. Emojis, “{}”, and # cannot appear in the ad description. Spaces and other punctuation will occupy the character limit. Coming close to the character certain phone models with smaller screens may not show the full description.