Writers block can be a tough condition to overcome when you are trying to finish a blog post. GlideSEM’s Blog Post Generator is an easy tool you can use to overcome writers block. We will go over the steps needed to use the blog post generator and talk about some of the advanced features.

Generate more text for your blog post in one easy step

  1. Start writing
  2. If you get stuck just click generate text and the tool will start writing where you left off.

Built in SEO Content Editor

GlideSEM’s Blog Post Generator is not only useful for continuing text, but also functions as a full featured SEO content editor. The content editor looks for keywords in your text and also lets you choose a starting keyword. Based off your writing the content editor makes recommendations for keywords and keyword frequency.

How does it work?

The content editor works using a state of the art language model to predict the text you are writing. These predictions serve as the foundation for generating text.

How does the content editor know what keywords to target?

The content editor provide keyword recommendations by searching google to understand what’s currently ranking for these keywords and what frequency the currently rank for articles have for these keywords.