Writing a great introduction to a blog post can be extremely hard. Some writers like to start at the introduction while some writers like to write the intro last. At GlideSEM we have a built a blog intro generator for both types of writers.

Generate Blog Post Introductions

  1. Choose a tone - start off by selection what tone you want your introduction to be written in from professional to casual.
  2. Add keywords - Include a few keywords about your blog post
  3. Add a title - type in the title of your blog post
  4. Hit submit and you will have a few intros to choose from.

What makes for a great blog post intro?

There are a few key elements to a great blog post intro. One is to hook the reader and make them want to read more. Another is two let the reader know what you will be writing about.

What is the purpose of a good blog post introduction?

There are many reasons to strive for a great blog intro. One reason is to improve your writing. A great intro will hook the reader and keep users on the page longer wanting to read more. Another reason for including an intro is for SEO. The intro can be reused and recycled into a wonderful meta description. The meta description tag can increase CTR in search which helps increase your search engine rankings.