Quillbot and Ginger are two popular but different sentence rewriters. They both work in similar ways accomplishing similar goals but differ in their intended customers.

In this article we will compare and contrast Ginger vs Quillbot. We will go over features, pricing, ease of use, and the general usability of each product.

What are the differences between Quillbot and Ginger?

Quillbot and Ginger both work well for rewriting a few sentences, but Quillbot is intended for longer form content such as a full article. Ginger is almost more of a Grammarly alternative since both offer apps and come in at a more consumer friendly price point.

How does the quality of output compare?

Quillbot wins on more long form content in the quality arena, but Ginger works just as well for a few sentences at a time. Ginger is easier to use offering a mobile if you find yourself writing a lot on the go. Both offer browser based solutions as well.

How does pricing compare?

Quillbot pricing

Quillbot is $15 billed monthly or $80 per year.

Ginger Article Spinner Pricing

Ginger is $13.99 per month or $7.49 per month billed annually.

The Verdict

Choosing Quillbot over Ginger or Ginger over Quillbot really depends on your needs. Ginger is much more consumer if you need an app and is also more affordable. Quillbot works better for longer form content.

We only reviewed two different sentence spinners in this article. You can also read our comparison of Quillbot vs Wordtune vs WordAI. We also offer an article spinner that takes SEO into account. You can sign up below to be notified by email when we launch.