If you search Google there are tons of ai copywriters on the market that will come up in your search. Most of the ai copywriting assistants work very similarly using a form of GPT3 but some function very differently even so.

In this article we will compare two such ai copywriters including Jasper AI vs Copy.ai. Both of these tools make for a great choice for an ai copywriting assistant.

We will be comparing the features, pricing, ease of use and other important aspects between these two tools.

By the end of this article you should be able to decide between using Copy AI or Jarvis AI or another alternative to these two. You will also gain a good understanding of how these tools work and how they help your copywriting.

What is Copy.ai?

Copy.ai is an ai writing assistant. Copy AI uses advanced machine learning and NLP techniques found within GPT3 in order to generate compelling textual content.

How does Copy AI work?

Copy AI works by leveraging the GPT3 model from openai. The model is one of the largest language models available.

Copy AI Review

In this review we will summarize Copy.ai’s features and pricing. At the end of the article we will compare Copy ai versus Jarvis.ai.

Copy AI Features

Copy AI’s features are mostly an assortment of templates which allow you to create different types of copy. Copy.ai’s templates are super useful for any marketers, writers, or copywriters.

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Captions
  • Instagram Posts
  • Brainstorming Topics
  • Hero Text
  • Subheaders
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Product Descriptions
  • Product Benefits
  • Microcopy
  • Blog Titles, Ideas, Outlines
  • Blog Intros
  • Bullet Points to full blog
  • Sales Copy

Copy.ai Pricing

Copy.ai plans start at $35 / per month or $420 per year. Copy AI also offers enterprise plans with collaboration features.

What is Jasper AI (Jarvis AI)?

Jarvis AI is a popular ai copywriter or ai writing assistant.

Jasper.ai Review

We will go over the pricing and plans for Jasper AI and then compare them to Copy.ai.

Jasper AI Features

Jasper AI’s features are similar to the templates offered from Copy AI. If one is missing from Jarvis or vice versa usually it is added quickly. Jarvis’s templates range from generating ad copy, blog posts, social media bios, product descriptions, or video ideas.

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper (Jarvis) has two levels of pricing a starter plan and a boss mode plan. The starter plan starts at $29 per month while the boss mode plan starts at $59 per month. The plans offer a base number of words and when you go over this then you pay per word.

Jasper AI vs Copy AI

Both of these ai copywriters are great choices and work off similar technology. Jarvis offers more templates than Copy AI out of the box, but Jasper is quite a bit more expensive if you are generating lots of copy or over the limited amount offered in the base plans. Most users will be happy with the templates offered by either. If you only need the templates from CopyAI then we recommend going with Copy.ai since it is quite a bit more affordable.


Jasper is one of the most expensive options on the market for very similar features offered from competitors. There are also other competitors from these two that we didn’t talk about in this article such as Shortly AI vs Conversion AI vs Writesonic. If you need an a copywriting assistant that is affordable and also takes SEO into consideration consider signing up for our email list below to be notified when our product GlideSEM launches.